St. David Music Department

    Byron Coulter, Director

    (520) 720-4781 ext. 124

2018-2019 Class Schedule

1st Period Symphonic Band (8:00-8:50)

2nd Period Concert Choir (8:53-9:43)

3rd Period Elementary/General Music (9:46-10:36)

4th Period Planning (10:39-11:29) 

High School Mentor Group (11:30-11:50)

Lunch (11:50-12:23)

5th Period Elementary/General Music (12:26-1:16)

6th Period Beginning Band (1:19-2:09)

7th Period Concert Band (2:12-3:02) 


Welcome the St. David Music Department Web Site! This site is designed to serve as a place for community members, current and future music students, and music parents. You may also remain updated with all needed information regarding upcoming events, private lesson information, educational downloads, and more. Current students and parents should visit the calendar regularly as dates may be subject to change.